How our Adjustable Rings Works

Hello Dear Customer,

Today, I would like to tell you about our Adjustable Rings. How they look, how they work and most important - what benefits do they bring.

Imagine hot summer day, 28 degrees, the sun is shining, humidity is over 90 per cent. You wish to wear your lovely ring but it doesn't fit! Your fingers are swollen!! What to do?

With our Adjustable Ring, it's so simple. Just open it a little bit, and put on a chosen finger. 

At night, when your fingers back to normal, just squeeze the ring on your finger and make it tighter.

Same works with large knuckles. Many of our mature clients love adjustable rings because they can put it through the knuckle and squeeze it to right size afterwards.

Best of all. You don't even need to know your ring size. You can adjust it at any time, wear it on any finger or give it to someone whose size you don't know.

All our rings are made from 925 Sterling Silver. The metal which is soft enough to be bent but hard enough to keep it form. It will stay firm on your finger and definitely won't fall.

Sterling Silver is wonderful material, you can bend it, squeeze it and it still stays flexible. You can adjust it how many times you like.

Moreover, all our Adjustable rings come with LIFETIME CRAFTWORK WARRANTY for your peace of mind.

Last of all, please be adviced that special design of our Adjustable Rings guarantees it won't pinch the skin on your finger.

In the pictures below I will show how we adjust the ring to the selected size and what design & technique we have used.

adjustable ring 1

adjustable ring 2

adjustable ring 3

adjustable ring 4

adjustable ring 5

adjustable ring 6

adjustable ring 6

adjustable ring 7

adjustable ring 8

adjustable ring 9

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